Systems To Fit Everyones Needs

- From the Weekender to Estate Size Systems

- Professional Help to Determine Your Needs

- Systems May be Upgraded as Needed

- Options for All Your Needs & Expectations

No Permits Or Contractors Required For Portable Systems

- Stand Alone portable system is Self Contained

- A Plug and Play System for Easy Deployment

- Safety Built Into System Specifications

- No Permit & Contractor Costs = Real Cost Savings

Qualifies For Government Rebate

- Take Advantage of Current Government Rebates

- Receive 30 Percent Savings After Applying

- Check Rebate Requirements & See For Yourself

- Great Offer Making the System More Affordable

Rapid Deployment Systems

- Simplified Set Up With Your Needs in Mind

- Typical One-Person System Setups

- English Instructions are Always Included

- American Tech Service, Always on Standby

Power When You Need It For Emergencies

- Our Systems are customized for you and your personal needs

- Be Prepared with Your Own Power Plant in an Emergency

- For Medical Needs or Ordinary Household Electric

- Their Generators are a Band-Aid - Our Solar Systems are The Solution!

Affordable Off-Grid Solutions

- Perfect Solution that's Transportable for any Emergency

- Save Money via Government Rebate; No Permits & No Contractors

- No Roof Damage or Attachments to Your Home

- Multiple Uses for Your Property or neighbors

- Can be Sold or Upgraded

Expandable Systems

- Systems Can be Upgraded in Size

- Systems Can be Upgraded With A Variety Of Options

Check Out Upgrade Options

For Remote Locations

- For Any Remote Location, Anywhere-Anytime

- For Emergency Workers, Including Medical Teams

- For Builders, Developers and Missionaries in Remote Areas

- For Camps in Hard to Reach Places

- Can be Transported in Truck Bed, Skid, Trailer and Even Horse Drawn

Transpotable Systems Overview


Perfect for the those who live or travel in campers, travel trailers, RV’s and Tiny Homes.
This system includes a 900 to 1,080-watt solar array with 3 solar panels, a 24-volt 1,500 watt modified sine wave inverter charger with 12-amp AC transfer capability, battery storage, charge controller, plug & play connections for AC input, such as a generator, along with other related components including lightening arrestors. Optional upgrades are available.


Perfect for the for the moderate size home from ….to ….square feet. This system includes an 1,800 to 2,160-watt solar array consisting of 6 solar panels, a 24-volt 3,900 watt modified sine wave inverter-charger with 60-amp AC transfer capability, battery storage, charge controller, plug and play connections for AC input, such as a generator, along with other related components including lightening arrestors.


For the large home from…..to …..square feet. This system is PLUG & PLAY solar system installed on a proprietary steel array support frame. The electronics are housed in an equipment enclosure to protect against rain, sleet, snow, and external ice formation.
The system is ready for use when delivered! No installation is required. Battery storage options are also available.
This system includes a 2,700 to 3,240-watt solar array consisting of nine solar panels, a 48V – 4,000W pure sine wave inverter-charger with 60-amp AC transfer, battery storage, charge controller, plug connectors for AC input, such as a generator, and other components including lightening arrestors.


The largest capacity system has two parallel 48-volt inverter/chargers which effectively doubles the inverter capacity to 8,800W continuous power and provides over 12,000W surge capacity.
One important option for off grid deployments is Automatic Generator Start (AGS). AGS will automatically turn on a generator based on battery state of charge or other criteria. AGS can be provided for use with compatible generator you supply or integrated with a generator we supply.

Light In Action

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  • Made in USA Solar Panels and Racking
  • Made in USA Solar Inverters
  • Made in USA Batteries
  • Made in USA Generators
  • Business Owned And Operated by a US Vietnam Veteran

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